This is for people who connect dots. With this pandemic situation, a bunch of aspiring Data Science, ML engineers are already into training models predicting infection rates, creating data stories and writing articles on Covid-19. Now models have almost built and stories are written, what’s next? Deploying them in practice…

Not always Machine learning algorithms mean linear algebra and calculus, the best solutions are always simple. Yes, this blog aims at diving deep into one of the most efficient yet a naive Machine learning algorithm that is based on “probabilities”.

Naïve bayes has its roots strongly grounded in probabilities, we…


The substantial part of EDA involves in visualizing data to derive business insights. Though numbers can give us the results as the size of the data grows, it becomes hard to interpret the inferences at a sight. Data visualization lends its helping hand to handle the hindrance. Visualization is so…

Suriya Kumar J S

ML Data Associate | Amazon

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